Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

You need the right attitude if you’re going to accomplish anything. That’s a fact we can all agree on. You might have heard the term Emotional Intelligence being used in the workplace, and like myself, you might have wondered what on earth that even means. If you really think about it for a minute, the term Emotional Intelligence is kind of a paradox – emotions are basic impulses driving us to do things that may seem crazy.

Emotions are primitive… even animals have emotions. How can anyone be considered emotionally intelligent? There’s some simple science behind it all.

  • Emotional Intelligence means keeping your emotions in check. You should control your emotions, and not let your emotions control you! Think of your brain as an impatient shopper in a queue at the supermarket, or an angry driver in a traffic jam. Your brain gets pushy; it gets out of line. Sometimes you need to remind your brain and your emotions that you’re in control! Get in the back of the line, friend.
  • Negativity is a terrible thing… Don’t let your feelings make you negative. Feeling bitter, angry or hopeless can make you negative very quickly, and everyone hates negative people. You know, the ones that always say I can’t do it… It’s impossible… The whole world is against me… Who cares? Nobody, that’s who. Stop complaining and get on with it.
  • Pressure is good for you. If you start feeling the pressure, and your stapler starts looking more like a weapon than stationery, it’s time to communicate. Hold on, take it easy now! Shouting is a lot of fun but it’s completely unnecessary, or at least it is unnecessary 90% of the time. Just be cool. Learn to communicate calmly and honestly, rather than emotionally. This is the first step to finding a solution to the problem at hand.
  • Solutions, solutions, solutions… Now that everybody has calmed down and we’ve gotten rid of all of the negativity, we can start thinking of a solution. When you put your emotions aside, you’re able to make logical decisions, and your big, scary problems don’t seem so big or scary anymore. Use your logic to break down the scary image your emotions created, and you may find that the werewolf was actually just a bunny after all.

Once you master Emotional Intelligence, you’ll notice everything else around you improving. You’ll be more productive, you’ll be a better candidate for a promotion, you’ll have fun doing what you do and the world will just be a better place for everyone. Think of situations in the past where you could have managed your emotions better, and try to apply the lessons you’ve learned in everyday situations. You’ll be a Master of Emotional Intelligence in no time.


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